Emos houston last day 9/23/2001

I am going to drink them!



Even the back of my head is sad

I think I am going to go home now :(

Picture take picture

The End day



Ahhh the decor

Things slowly wine down...

They sold out of everything...

Oh how many nights of my youth spent in reckless abandonment...

Not enough..

Freedom has a cost...

a nice hang over the next day :(

Last looks, even the pinball had left

La La La La La emos!

Even the depressed manage a little mini metal...

I think the new tenents will feel the metal resounding through out the space

Stole my youth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

even tho most of the people I hung out with back in the "salad" days have been long gone

and 80% of the folks here I did not even know

We all had a duty to see her out right

as the last person leaves by cab

and the pool even filled in laps the black water of old...

the neon long broken by a bottle, ghosts walk by me this evening, memories of what was and the energy and fun

the gates swing for me the last time, I move on with life yet remembering the times we had, "do not go gentle into that good night" was painted on the exit gate over head in an arch...

Fare thee well Emo's Houston! May other generations have watering holes and social hubs that rival the stains and triumphs of you in your hey day!

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