Emos houston last day 9/23/2001

Mike, Tina & Kathy

Jeremy mixes 'em strong

Geno, Keith & Peter Murgola

Goobye!!! Sniff Sniff

a fellow sharpstown high school grad Vince!

BIG Tim, Semi Big Keith, Medium Mike, and tiny Tina

Vince , Keith , Chris

Jay, Rick & Keith looking a bit fuzzy

Arrggghhh! tat's better me maties!

Hanging with Jay Hova 4x4

Tina and Kathy and a little bitty Olivia

Kathy & Darrell

Kathy taking my picture while I take hers


Hey Hey Hey!

Two fellow PMADT alumni Jay Welch & Peter Murgola

Fuzzy view from front patio through the front Bar


Punk Rock Jeff joins in the fun

A sea of people see emo's off

3 deep at the bar, like the old wednesdays

Dude, how can we tell them we are out of shiner? we will get killed!

Stacking them deep selling them cheap!

oh my god! I cannot believe it is closin'

Drink! Drink Drink!

Everyone looking depressed


Mark relivin' the past...

Tina Showing off Olivia


Ahh there we go cracka smile!

I wish I remembered her name... we use to hang out here back in the day

Peter & Vetta Says Hi!

Tina & Kathy

Hey! lets sneak out and goto Cecil's Tavern Emos ran out of shiner

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