The Church Live Houston Texas, THE MERIDIAN 7/26/06

What an incredible show!, if they are comming by your town or even if you have to travel THIS IS A MUST SEE SHOW!
Even if you are not a Church Fan, you will enjoy it!
Bring some friends who never heard of them before and I think they will enjoy the band, this is The Church at thier best, Confortable, upfront, funny, tight and into what they are doing. To Quote Steven Kilby during the show, " WE ARE NOT SHOW BUISNESS!". AMEN to that Brother!

Visit thier web site and support them

A few short Mpg's I took (uncompressed 30 to 130megs 640x480)
1 , 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6

Bernie and his old Band Mates

Keith, Bernie & Pete Castro

Shot # 2

Steven Kilby

Peter Koppes & Steve

What a Great Show!

Peter Koppes Sporting a mandolin

Acoustic remakes of our favorites & new stuff

They still have thier humor about them

Flash Back :)

Keyboard Extra Goodness

Nice Vintage Fender Jazz Bass Steve

Troy, Karina, & Bernie

Bernie Flicking his Bic

Marty Rocks out the Drums

Marty Was Great! Still the showman!

Marty Takes his turn on the bass

Tim was awesome on Drums!

During the Oncores the crowd rushed the front of the stage. by the end of the set they were smoking! and we responded!

Love the Gaff tape acoustice!

Keith Grining from ear to ear!


a fuzz pic of Pete, Keith & Trey and some drunk girl

We got Bunny Ears!!!!

My Bro Troy in the back

Tim and I talking about the tour and how great they are still artists out there doing thier own thing and not everything is so prepackaged bland yuppie junk!

Marty is the coolest! Would love to kick back in a pub with him and shoot the shit

Flash back to 20 years ago when we met up with Peter at the down town Holiday Inn Houston and chatted with him for hours, Of course he forgotten it all ;)

Had a nice chat with him, the quote I remember from him 20 years ago is about thier fame during starfish, "All of this is like a Hurricane you can get swept up in it (he kinda looked around), and I am keeping in the eye where it is calm"

The Master Steve and Keith chat it up about the new project and the tour. Great Guys! Much thanks to them & thier nice tour manager! Cheers!

Steve & Bernie Chat it up about books and such things that stimulate the mind!