Jay Hickman's Bachelor party Las Vegas 10/26/2001

The Cast of Characters
Jay Hickman, Will Hickman, Frank Annello, Sean Mueller, Mike Phillips, George McCracken, Keith Christensen, Joe Grinstein, Mahesh Aiyer, Lance Schupbach, Eric Garland

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Leaving Houston Vegas Bound!

Cool warehouses

The new statium about to eat the astrodome

Good bye astrodome :(

Transco tower in the bottom

Brazos River

Someone is Praying to the aliens

Phoenix! Never eat at the sports bar there

Goodbye and thanks for the mild food poisoning

Cool Mountians

More of them

Keeps going

Some more!

I like taking pics in airplanes

Cool Lake

Ahhh nice


is that rain out there?


another one

Hoover Damn

Damn Hoover

the lake

More of it

The rest of it

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