Tete a Tete - Underconstruction. Updated 01/7/19.. More info to come!!

Keith Christensen - Bassist
Troy Christensen - Vocals
Tom Knight - Drums
Bernd Shulteladbeck - Guitar & Keys
John Rowland-Guitats

Link to my brother Troys site
From Troy's web site, I converted to MP3
Why Oh Why / Abandoning ( 1987 )
Dorian Grey ( written 1987 )
Dreams of You ( 1986 / 1987 )
Solitude ( 1986 / 1987 )
This is Knot Me / Futuristic Dreamscape ( 1987 / 1988 )
You are the One - sans vox ( 1986 / 1987 )
Bos Indicus ( recorded 1987 )

These songs were performed and recorded by the following :
Keith Christensen - fretless bass
Tom Thomas Knight - drums and percussion
Bernie Bernd Schulte-Ladbeck - Keyboards+Poetry
John R. Rowland - guitars
Troy - Guitars+Bass+Keyboards+Vocals+Percussion+Lyrics.
The name Tete-a-tete comes from the book by Marc Ribaud called "Visions of China". One page has a picture of a couple talking Tete-a-tete in a forbidden way in the forbidden city ....
Our gigs were at : the Westheimer Art Festival, Fitzgerald's, Zelda's, various Parties, Axiom ( formely Caberet Voltaire / Catal Huyuk etc ), University of Houston,
Our hang outs were at : Club Visions ( now Danish Inspirations ), BJ's, Pearls, Cafe Mode, Power Tools, Alief Bowl, Memorial Park, Jamaica Beach by Night with Glow in the Dark Algae Plankton, Cafe Edi, JoJo's, de Menil Collection, Rothko Chapel, MFA Houston, Arboreteum, Braes Bayou, Greenway Fountains..
Other contemporary bands from Houston were Bamboo Crisis, E.Coli, Circus Glass ( Richard Cholakian / Chad Condor Salvato ), The Texas Instruments, Kevin MacDonald's , the Ingopods, Hybrid Vigor, Direct Tension, Blind Ignorants, Bo Fisher's Socialist Band,
New Years 12/31/1987
I had the flu playing bass and as soon as the show was done I high tailed it back home and passed out

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