Direct Tension

Underconstruction... but music works!

Here is an amost full concert of my first band Direct Tension playing at the famous Caberet Voltaire in Down Town Houston.
Ram Garcia from blind ignorance filmed this and gave me a copy later when I joined them.
1st bit is some of the opening band Colonel Band and the Rebels.
Here is what we played that night
High Society Scum
Skate 'til night (Skate all day)
Let's have a war
I Hate Trendies
Fatal Lies
White Death (our chill song)
Don't Give up
The last bit is some of the Four Flying Fresbees of Death and the Tentacles of doom with the infamous Bo singing lead, Enjoy!
copyright 1986 Keith Christensen

All where recorded 1986 and remaster in 2001.

HCC Westchester Studios - Tom Knight on drums
Black Out!
Black Out! Different Mix
Death in a subway turnstyle
the offical Direct Tension Theme Song
High Society Scum (cuts off mid way :( )
Skater of Doom/Posioned
White Death (our chill song)

Live! at Keith's Parents garage! - Kirk Doughty on drums
Tokoyo Gardens (the 1st song I ever wrote!)
Skate 'til night (Skate all day)
Fatal Lies
High Society Scum
Don't Give Up

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