1453bc - 1st Incarnation

First Logo Drawing

Show at Rudz

Peter, Keith at Rudz

Same Show: Angle Switch!

Snuffy & Chris at Rudz

Byproducts of 1453bc Halloween @ Pik N Pak
  One-Eyed Paul as a Pirate
  PJeff as 'Velveteen the Freaky Queen
  Joe as a Tripping Russian Sailor

1453bc - 2nd Incarnation

(Proof for the ladies that we used to be skinny.)

Dude, rockin out at the River Oaks house party.

A typical John look

Sing it, Brother Man

Some Other Funny Shit

KC at Rob's apt...w/ Vivian hiding in the dark.

Shroomin: PJeff, Rob, Scott (?), Furry Animal, Keith, Ray

Dinner @ Morse: Peter, Anne, Ty, Tara, Debbie, Keith, That Girl Who Cut Half Your Goatee Off While You Were Sleeping

Mind's Edge Invite: KC Art Bus